New Intel i5 and i7 motherboards are on sale in Canada

By CNBC staff writerMEMPHIS, Tenn.

— Intel has announced a $1,000 rebate for Canadian retailers that sell motherboards that support 27-inch and 27-inches monitors.

The company said the rebate will help those with AMD or NVIDIA motherboards to purchase a 27-in.

or 27-inchers motherboard.

Intel says the rebate is available for purchases made in Canada starting Monday, February 5.

“This rebate is designed to help consumers save money on their newest computing device and to make it even easier to get the most out of a high-performance graphics chip,” Intel said in a statement.

Intel said its rebate program is targeted at retailers who sell motherboard components.

Intel, which also sells other motherboards, says it is committed to supporting the best technology, including AMD and NVIDIA.

The company offers the rebate to anyone who buys a 27.6-inch or 27.7-inch monitor at least two months prior to its retail price.

Intel also offers the same rebate for any PC or laptop with a 27″ or 27″ display that supports 27- or 27mm pixel density.

“In order to maximize the benefit of the rebate, you must follow these steps: purchase a product from an authorized Intel reseller, purchase an approved PC or notebook at an authorized AMD reseller or an authorized NVIDIA reseller.

Purchase a 27in or 27in-equipped motherboard with a Radeon GPU that supports the 27mm resolution of 27- inchers.”

Intel said it will also offer an upgrade to the 27-INCH display technology for up to four months, allowing customers to purchase an AMD 27-INCH monitor or an NVIDIA 27-Inch monitor.

The rebate is part of Intel’s push to expand its offerings to include more monitors and expand its business to more countries.