When will the PS4 and Xbox One become cheaper?

We’ve known for some time that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are going to cost significantly more than the PS2 and Xbox and now we know the PS5 and Xbox X are going too.

A new report from TechRadar claims the PS6 and PS7 are also going to be cheaper than the previous generation consoles.

The report, which we’ve seen before, suggests the PS8 and PS9 are likely to be a step closer to the current generation consoles and they are said to have been “cut in half”.

TechRadard claims that the consoles will be priced from $799 to $959 for the PS7 and PS8 respectively, which is a substantial drop in price compared to the previous-gen consoles.

This would be a huge boost for PS4 owners, who have been clamouring for a more affordable console.

TechRadars report claims that these next-gen Xbox One and PS4 will be cheaper, too, but it’s not clear how much the price difference would be compared to their predecessors.

The PS5, meanwhile, has been on the increase recently, going from $499 to $599 for the first generation console and now to $899 for the next-generation console.

There’s a new generation Xbox coming to consoles in 2019, which will be significantly cheaper than last year’s model.

The next-year Xbox is expected to be the cheapest Xbox to date and it’s also the only Xbox to have a 16GB internal storage slot.

That’s something we’ve never seen before in the Xbox One lineup.

It’s also worth noting that the Xbox 720 is going to have an 8GB internal memory storage space, which means that Xbox 720 owners will be able to get some more storage space with the next Xbox.

We haven’t yet seen the PSVR, but we will be keeping our eyes on that one.

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