Indian cities to see their worst droughts in two decades

A drought monitor issued in the Indian state of Gujarat on Friday has forecast that the state will experience its worst drought in at least 50 years, a major blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious ambitious drought target of halving the nation’s water consumption.

In a statement, the weather agency said that the drought monitor in Gujarat will continue to monitor the situation until September 20.

It said that there was still time for the state to cut down on the amount of water it consumes and to switch to a water-saving policy.

The state has been struggling with drought conditions since early February, when the temperature in Gujarat dropped to 14 degrees Celsius, according to data from the state’s meteorological department.

The forecast shows the state is likely to experience drought conditions for the second consecutive year.

In the last two years, the state has suffered a total of 20 droughting events.

The drought monitor also noted that the number of reported droughters had risen to 1,543.