Samsung’s Gaming Monitor Gets USB C Monitor Now, Now You’ll Have to Pay for It

Samsung’s newest gaming monitor is here, and it’s all USB-C, of course.

While the Galaxy Tab S8’s wireless charging, 4K HDR gaming capabilities, and fast wireless charging capabilities aren’t new to Samsung, this latest device has all of that, and more.

The new Samsung Gaming Monitor is available for $199.99 on Amazon, with a 4GB version and a 128GB model starting at $349.99.

The company isn’t offering a 4K version of the monitor, so it’s probably best to go with the 256GB model.

The monitor is designed to look like an iPhone 6s Plus, with curved edges and a black back.

The display also sports a 12MP sensor on the left side, along with a 3MP sensor in the center.

It’s not exactly a massive improvement from the old iPhone 6 Plus, but it’s nice to see Samsung’s not abandoning the standard 6-inch screen for the latest iteration.

The back is also curved, which we found more comfortable than the curved display of the iPhone 6S Plus.

We also found the screen was brighter and less noticeable than we would have liked.

If you’re on a budget, you could probably get away with the $299.99 256GB version, but if you’re looking to upgrade, there’s no doubt this is a solid gaming monitor.

If the $149.99 4K model doesn’t satisfy you, Samsung offers a 256GB 128GB version that includes a wireless charging pad for $159.99, a 1TB PCIe SSD, and an audio port.

The 128GB is also the cheapest option out of the four gaming monitors, so you might want to pick that one up if you want to upgrade.