How to get your iPhone to work with Apple TV

A pair of iPhone stand that uses the iPhone’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for a single, dual-monitor setup has surfaced online.

The product, called the iPhone TV Stand by Apple TV, is a set of six “stands” that work with the iPhone and Apple TV to provide a single viewing experience on both sets.

It’s an affordable alternative to Apple TV for people who don’t have an Apple TV.

The stand is compatible with any iOS device with Wi-FI connectivity, and it supports up to three screens.

The iPhone TV stand supports Apple TV and is compatible in all regions.

You can find the product on Amazon, the company’s website, for $99.99.

The stands are also available for a more premium price, though they cost $100 more, $80 more than the iPhone Stand, according to Apple’s website.

If you’re in the market for a stand for your Apple TV set, you should check out the iPad Stand or the iPhoneTVStand.