How to use a glucose monitor to help monitor your blood sugar and insulin levels

Here’s how to use your glucose monitor, if you have one.1.

Open the app.

Tap the gear icon on the top right of the screen.

Tap “About.”3.

Tap the gear button.

Tap Settings.4.

Tap Diagnostics.5.

Tap Health & Fitness.6.

Tap Your glucose monitor.7.

Enter your data.8.

Tap OK.9.

Tap Connect to your device.10.

Tap Settings.11.

Tap General.12.

Enter a test date.13.

Tap Check.14.

Tap Test results.15.

Tap Ok.16.

Tap Close.17.

Tap Next.18.

Tap More options.19.

Tap Add a test.20.

Tap Options.21.

Tap How many tests will I need to perform?22.

Tap If I do not want to use the test, I can skip it.23.

Tap Optional.24.

Tap Enter test results.25.

Tap All.26.

Tap Done.27.

Tap Cancel.