How to keep your iPhone and iPad safe from the viruses and spyware

An iPhone or iPad is more vulnerable to malware than a Windows computer, according to a study by antivirus firm Trend Micro.

The firm, which is based in Palo Alto, California, found that about a quarter of the smartphones in its research contained malware.

Trend Micro’s research found that smartphones infected with malicious software are more likely to be sold to third parties, and they are more susceptible to hacking, than those without malware.

The malware is often disguised as an application on the phone and, if the malware is not removed, the device can become infected with other forms of malware, such as adware.

A new report from the US government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that devices infected with malware have a much higher rate of battery damage and failure.

More than 80% of smartphones with malware were infected with adware, the researchers said.

They said the rate of malware infections on smartphones was higher than other devices, such a PC or laptop, and that the malware was also more likely on older devices.

This type of malware is designed to cause permanent damage to the device, and is often hidden from the user, and can be used by attackers to collect data and steal data.

However, the NIST report said that a computer can be turned off to protect the user from the malware and to prevent it from being turned on by default.

While the virus is likely to spread, the malware on a smartphone could also spread to other devices or networks.