Lg UltraWide monitor and Lg Ultrawide TV monitor, prices, launch

The Lg ultrawide monitor and ultrawides TV monitor are going to launch in March, according to a report from Tech Radar.

The two monitors are designed for the ultrawide market segment.

The monitor is going to be priced at ₹3,999 and ₤3,799.

Both the monitors will have a wide viewing angle and the monitors have a 4K resolution.

The monitors are being priced at $7,999 (around ₨8,500), $8,999 ($8,000), and $9,999.

The specs of the monitors are as follows: Resolution 4K Resolution (4K) 4K Display Type LED Backlight Size 144 x 96 pixels Resolution (WxDxH) 2440 x 1440 pixels Contrast Ratio (C:H) 400:1 Contrast Ratio Ratio (Black:White) 100:1 Resolution (H:D) 800 x 600 pixels Resolution(WxHDD) 240 x 240 pixels