I’m an American spy. I’m a traitor!

The video is in its fifth video, but it’s not just about the war.

As the narrator notes, the United States is at war.

We’re at war with Russia.

And if you want to be a spy, this video is the best way to get in on the action.

This isn’t the first time Vice News has released video of Russian agents.

Last year, we shared the footage of Russian operatives posing as US citizens.

The video of this agent is not only more authentic and more revealing, it also offers a better picture of the Russian influence campaign.

The video of the agent has also been shared on social media by members of the anti-Trump movement.

A number of members of this movement have called for the United Kingdom to remove its ambassador to Russia and a number of US lawmakers have expressed their support for this movement.

On Monday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee released a report that found that the Kremlin was attempting to undermine the US electoral system, influence US politics and influence US elections by “actively working to disrupt, disrupt and undermine the democratic process.”