When is the next Windows 10 update coming?

It’s not the next one, but it could be soon.

According to the talk-show host Matt Lauer, the Windows 10 10 Anniversary Update will be out “in a couple of weeks”.

This comes after Microsoft teased that the next update would be coming “in the next two to three weeks”.

What does this mean?

It’s still unclear what the exact timeframe is for the next major Windows 10 build, but Microsoft’s own Insiders report that the company is targeting the “early 2020” release.

Windows 10 Anniversary update, October 2020 The next major update for Windows 10 will also be announced at Microsoft’s Build 2021 conference in Seattle, the company’s first-ever event dedicated to the software.

We’ve heard Microsoft has already set up a dedicated Windows Insider channel for the event, so you should be able to get an early look at Windows 10 at Build 2021.