Walmart is adding a new monitor for its customers that will track their sleep patterns

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Walmarts stores across the United States are now equipped with the latest technology to monitor the sleep patterns of its customers, according to a release on Tuesday from Walmart’s chief executive officer, Tony Hsieh.

The new monitor, called Nanit Baby Monitor, will be able to analyze sleep patterns and other information for customers in a “real time,” and is being developed with Walmart’s partners and others to help improve customer experience, according the release.

The Nanit monitor will be used by shoppers who use its software to monitor their sleep habits.

The company said it will roll out the monitor to stores on November 4, a date that was also announced earlier this year.

Hsieh’s statement did not provide details on the product’s functionality, or when it would be available for purchase.

The announcement comes at a time when Walmart has been battling a wave of lawsuits, most recently in California over allegations of sexual harassment by former store managers.

The lawsuit alleges that employees made inappropriate comments to customers about their appearance and behavior, including touching, touching them inappropriately, making comments about their weight and height, and making sexual advances.