How to get the best picture of a rhino with a smartphone

You can see an actual rhino right there on the screen, but if you’re trying to track its whereabouts or even get a sense of its size, there’s a better way.

Here are three tips to get a better picture of an animal’s health with a phone.


Use a phone with a good camera This is easier said than done.

Even with a great camera, you can’t always capture the full-size picture that you’d like.

If you’re really close to an animal, you might not even be able to see a tiny animal’s outline at all.

So try using a small, handheld device like a phone, or a smartphone camera, which has a low-light capability.

It might not look like the animals are standing on a tree branch, but it can give you a great view of the animal’s silhouette.


Zoom out and pan around This might not be a big deal in a crowded place, but when it’s packed with other wildlife, it can be hard to get an image that’s all-inclusive.

So take the time to get your phone zoomed out and zoomed in a few times to get some of the most important details in the picture.


Use multiple cameras to get close When it comes to tracking rhinos, the best way to do that is to have multiple cameras, including both a remote and an individual one.

If the camera you use can get a good picture, it should be able do so with multiple cameras.

In the case of the RZR, you could also try using an app like RhinoWatch to have a closer look at an animal.

If that doesn’t work, it might be best to use a smartphone app that allows you to share a picture with others.